First Win! NAPCP International Image Competition

Best news this morning! This image of mine is placed 3rd in the maternity category of the 2017 NAPCP International Image Competition! I’ve never taken part in any international competition before, deterred by my lack of confidence in competing on the world stage against other outstanding photographers. However, I can see how this can get addictive but in a good way, to never stop learning, further improve my skills and be a better family photographer. The win bestowed upon me a real sense of achievement and recognition of my work. I’m elated to say the least, and totally pumped!!! Thank you NAPCP for this opportunity!

Here are the judges comments 🙂

Title: Petal Shower

Category: Maternity

Technical Merit: 8.67

Creativity & Composition: 7.33

Impact: 8.33

Overall Score: 8.13

Judge’s Comments:
Your attention to detail is spot on. I can tell you really put thought and a lot of planning into this image. She is posed in a lovely and flattering way. You clearly are so talented. I have seen variations of this photo done in many different ways. Literally everything has been done the days but I might suggest trying to push yourself a bit outside of the classic maternity photo and incorporating more story and emotion. I think that would take you to the next level.

Your use of light is amazing. Your colors and post processing are perfect. Her skin is just glowing. I love the red petals. You clearly have some great photoshop skills or a great assistant to throw those petals. It looks seamless. This image is technically spot on. Nice job!

This image is striking upon first glance. The colors as well as the light skin with the dark background makes for a rich color pallet that is really pleasing to the eye.

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