What should we wear?

For Little Big Shots and family sessions, try to keep it simple and casual, avoiding intricate, patterned, “noisy” prints and big cartoons or brand logos. When arranging for group shots, try similar shades of a colour so you look coordinated. eg. everyone in shades of a light colour with blue denim bottoms or dark tops with khaki bottoms. Plain bold, bright colours are alright and can be appealing. Do bring at least 2 sets of clothings, 1 in light colours and 1 dark. For your child’s solo shots, you may want to bring a few more outfits to reflect his/her individual style.

For Bloom sessions, we recommend PRE pregnancy clothes eg. tubes, tees or spaghetti tops with your favourite pair of jeans (doesn’t matter if you can’t zip them up!). Feel free to be creative in your wardrobe but make sure both you and hubby are colour coordinated. Try and portray your personality by bringing clothes that are “you”! Do bring at least 2 sets of clothings, 1 in light colours and 1 dark. If you are going for semi-nude/nude shots, we have flowy fabrics. We require you to bring a nude strapless bra or a nude or white tube bra for the artistic nude photographs. Do pack three outfits for Daddy (even if he is reluctant) as we have three different backdrops and plenty of time to capture both couple pictures and individual portraits of Mummy. Try not to wear too tight underwear as this would leave a mark on your skin when you remove them for the shoot. We have some clients who wore bikini (swimwear) tops and their own night gown (quite glamourous looking ones from Senza).

When in doubt, bring a few more outfits and don’t forget your smile! 🙂

How long will it take?

Each session is usually done within an hour. We allocate an hour for your shoot and this includes time for changing of outfits, feeding of baby and warming up etc..

When can we view and select the pictures?

You can do so immediately after your shoot. Photo selection usually takes between 20mins to 2hours depending on the client. You can also opt to come back on another day for the viewing/selection session.

How long do print and album orders take?

Print orders usually take about 4 weeks from the day you select the photos before they are ready for collection. We hear you groaning “why so long?”. This is because all print orders go through editing (touch ups). Colour enhancement, contrast, blemish removal etc are all part of the editing process.
Albums and coffee table books will take longer, about 3 months onwards due to design and manufacturing times. If you need your order urgently for your kid’s birthday or some important event, do let us know when placing your order and we will try our best to expedite your order before the event..

What if my child is uncooperative during the session?

As a parent myself, I understand the tantrums a toddler can throw at times :p To best get around the problem of an uncooperative child, we advise you to schedule your session at a time when you know your child will be at his/her most happy self. Usually this is after they have had their nap and are well fed. It helps to bring their main caregiver along for the shoot, eg. granny or your helper. Perhaps even a favourite snack or toy which will appease them. If you know you have a child that takes time to warm up to a new environment, bring them about 15mins earlier than your scheduled shoot time to get them acquainted to the studio and photographer. Lastly, if you forsee a difficult session for your child, try to book a weekday session instead of a saturday as shoots are packed back to back on saturdays.

I am shy and conscious of my pregnant body, what can I expect from the session?

First of all, you shouldn’t feel that way at all, pregnancy is a wonderful transformation of your body as you carry a new life in your womb. It would be a great momento to capture this stage of your life with a Bloom session. You need not be apprehensive about the session as all Bloom shoots are conducted by a professional lady photographer who is a mother herself and knows all too well what you are going through. You may also feel more inclined to do semi-nude/nude shots during your session since we are all females 🙂 You are also encouraged to bring your husband along so you can both share this experience of your first family photo session with your unborn child!

At what age should i bring my baby for his/her first shoot?

Our youngest client is a 4 day old baby and our oldest is a university student. It all depends on what you are after. Some parents like to capture the newborn look – peeling skin, small hands and feet, sleeping and naked poses which you can never get again once they are past their 2nd week. Other parents prefer to wait till their baby can sit up, which is usually around 6 to 7 months, so that they get more shot varieties. Yet some others prefer to wait till their baby can walk which is right about when they turn 1 year old. There’s no hard and fast rule on when it’s best to bring baby for a shoot, at different ages you get different looks.

What are the modes of payment?

We accept cash and NETS but cash preferred. 😉