1st Place in both Siblings and Maternity category at NAPCP International Image Competition!

award winning siblings photo

We are thrilled to announce that this image by Maryann of her sons has won 1st place in the Siblings category of NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers)’s international image competition!!! The talented panel of judges in this competition are some of the top in our industry and we are truly honoured to be recognised 😊.

Here are the judges comments for this image. 

Technical Merit: I love that your exposure choice here. You could have chosen to expose for the foreground instead of the expansive and colorful sky but clearly these colors are more impactful. This is one of those images that so much thought was put into the details. I love that you can see the boys profiles and even their connection via their hand holding. So much to take in yet it is simple and effortless. Not an easy thing to achieve.

Creativity & Composition: Your edit is wonderful. The perfect amount of light and darkness and the colors are just spot on. I love your composition and that you chose show very little foreground but lots of sky! PERFECT! I do think if you moved the boys to the right away from the tree, it would balance the image a bit more. Sometimes you cannot control every aspect of your image though and when connections like this happen you just shoot…I know you can’t always ask kids to move or you lose the moment. So if this was one of those moments, I mi ght have centered the tree so that the image was symmetrical. This tree is so powerful next to the boys! Really wonderful image!!!

Impact: WOW what a beautiful and impactful image. The scale of it all is just amazing! I would love to see just a tiny bit more space in between the tree and the side of the frame! It is hard to show connection between two people at this far of a distance but you have managed to do that! WONDERFUL!

The following two images have also placed 1st and 3rd in the Maternity category!

award winning maternity image

Says Maryann, “It has been more than 12 years since I shot my first pregnant client (myself lol). Over the years I have learnt that no matter how beautiful a woman is, she will always be critical of herself when she sees a photo of her pregnant self. It is my job as a maternity photographer to make my client feel as beautiful as she looks, this usually comes across when she is comfortable and at ease.

This image of Petrina has won me 1st place in the Maternity category of NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers)‘s International Image Competition 2017! I think it won the judges over because she looked comfortable in her own skin, portraying maternal beauty inside and out. 

The people behind NAPCP are dedicated and committed to promoting the community of professional child photographers, honing their craft and raising their professional visibility. I am truly honoured to be recognised by this group. It is icing on the cake for a profession I chose to embark on 12 years ago  Thank you NAPCP and my clients for believing in me.


inked pregnant couple

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