Thank you, Jo!


For the 11 years of The Studio Loft’s existence, we have along the years worked with awesome talents (in chronological order) Ashley, Charlene, Wen Lin, Joanne, Yvonne, Silver, Irene and Valerie. But for more than half of those years, the studio was helmed by this solid team of the three of us (pictured). Not shy right? It’s true 😉.

On 1st June after an outdoor shoot, amidst sadness and tears, I was handed a letter I never want to receive. I am gutted to announce that one of my most loyal, self-motivated, personable and talented employee has decided to take a sabbatical from photography and go for a career change. Ironically 6.5 years ago she did the same to join us to become a photographer. The team was in disbelief but we know it will be selfish of us to not let her chase her dreams.

As your boss and fellow hoarder at TSL, I hope I’ve given you many enjoyable years working with us! All the fun and frustrations working with children, all the rewards that come along with it as well. The many bakes and birthdays we shared among our team and my boys. The many food styling and photography sessions we have after the said bakes! Three staff retreats in Bali, Bintan and Sentosa (still lol when i recall the glass jars). And the (hopefully) big pay cheques 

Jo, we will miss you dearly! 
Your singing, your bread plastic bags lying around, your lok kok pajamas, your stories of your nieces, your horrible handwriting, your greedy self, your smile, your laughter, your friendship, your company.

All the best!

Your awesome boss of 7 years :p

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