Hello Baby Jake!

Do memories of your first few hours as a new parent still play vividly in your mind or are they kinda hazy now? That moment when your new baby was wheeled into your room, how you gently held the little bundle and inhaled that sweet baby scent 🙂  Or maybe you are already a parent whose heart almost burst with joy as your elder child(ren) met baby for the first time! These moments may have passed, but you can relive them through photography or videography.
We are introducing a new photography package. It’s called Hello Baby and will be a documentary style black & white photography session at the hospital the day your baby is born 🙂 We will document your first moments as parents or when your elder child(ren) meet the new sibling. Using a smaller camera, we will try to be as unobtrusive as possible, playing observer and helping you capture this special milestone of your life.

Here, we welcome baby Jake to the world as he meets his elder brother Tyler at the hospital. Special thanks to the Lim family for this opportunity to capture their first day as a family of 4, congratulations! ♥

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Photography by Maryann and Joanne.