Paola & Duncan – Anticipating Jaime

When Paola first contacted us about shooting her maternity session at her home, I was a bit doubtful about what we can achieve in her apartment and poolside. Then some drama unfolded as she had pre term labour symptoms so we had to postpone the shoot. But finally, some days before Christmas in the early morning, I arrived at their home to a very charming couple 🙂 Paola is Spanish and Duncan is Scottish, together they make the cutest couple and cutest baby too (see next post)!

I am very happy with the shots from this session and am so grateful that Paola and Duncan opened up their home and hearts to the shoot and it shows in the photos their love and commitment to each other and their impending roles as parents.

In my previous post, I mentioned that we will be offering family films this year. With Paola and Duncan’s consent, I was able to shoot some video footage during this session and have edited it into a short clip. Scroll down to the end for the video. This is just a teaser to the newborn film of Jaime which I am very excited to share! I hope you like it 🙂

Thank you Paola and Duncan for an amazing session and trusting me to preserve this memory of your life before Jaime is born.

<3 Maryann

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