Our first boy/girl twin newborns!

When the Leskes came for their Bloom shoot at 31 weeks I was told that mummy was expecting twins (awesome!) but been ordered to bed rest (oh oh!). She was not supposed to stand for long as this might trigger labour. Wow was I stressed when I heard that! I had a stool nearby so that after every pose I could get her to sit down immediately! Thankfully we got through the shoot without her waterbag bursting or anything like that haha 😀 They were such a beautiful couple and so loving I was so sure then they would have lovely babies and yes I was really really really hoping hard that they would call us back to photograph their newborns.
Fast forward a few weeks later and Terri informed us that she delivered her twins a week after the maternity shoot! The poor babies had to be in the ICU for some weeks but yay! the week that they were discharged, we were asked to shoot them at the Leske’s beautiful apartment. We were so excited as this would be our first boy/girl twin Teeny Weeny shoot 🙂 The new parents were equally excited and prepared well for the shoot. Our friend Sau from Monkey Moo Moo even specially knitted a set of beanies for this shoot. But I reckon the best part about the session were the babies behaviour, they were sleepy and cooperative and just such a dream to photograph 🙂

Thank you Terri-anne and hubby for having us, we wish you both a wonderful parenting journey ahead!

We present to you little Elijah and Olivia at 31 weeks in mummy’s belly and at 6 weeks young after delivery 🙂

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